(Video): Graham Potter blames defending for dropped points

Just when Chelsea were on the verge of a fourth win on the spin when they got sloppy at the back and conceded a last minute goal to Everton to make it 2-2.

Graham Potter spoke to Chelsea TV after the game, and as you’d expect he was disappointed. He blamed his side’s defending in “a couple of actions” for the bad result. It was Kalidou Koulibaly who messed up for the equaliser, but the first came from a set piece with shoddy marking – and that’s on the manager.

You can see the Chelsea manager speaking in the clip embedded here:

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  1. Gram potter modality substitution was not perfect. U can’t bring in midfielder and taking away a winger and you expected awin. he likes English players most in the club yet it’s a business club.

  2. Spot on for the reason a second goal was scored and the game equalised. My question is why was Forfana substituted? Our problem was attacking and certainly not defending so why was that change made. That decision is what caused us the goal as the decision negatively impacted our defense. Simms was surrounded by 3 blue shirts when he received the pass on the left flank and yet he still blew past all 3 of them as if they were parked cars. The consequence of that defensive change is questionable and the real architect of that second goal.

    1. I aligned myself with your submission, the coach caused us this match with his clueless substitution. How can you remove a Fofana that is fit for Chalobah at that period? In fact, all the subs were done base on mere player rotation not for any tactical reason. This Potter guy is just an average and overhyped coach.

    2. Pls help me ask Potter why did he substitute Fofana? Is like he doesn’t know he work, instead of looking up at the striking object he now when back to drew the match the boys tried winning.
      I think our problem is to replace a good and experienced coach that knows the job pls

  3. As Always…when u feel Everything is going Well that something goes Wrong. We are use to koulibaly making Blunders, Potter has to take blame.

  4. poor subs resoponsible, so Potter is to blame.

    Sat back and didnt put on Mudrych. Disappointing.

  5. Yes, I agree, Potter has to take some blame not only for substitutions , but also demanding that the team reacts correctly when we lead 2:1 and it’s only a couple of minutes left to play. It’s not the first time it happens and the team must learn to see the games out.

  6. Stop playing the blaming game, stop blaming your players when you should blame no one but yourself Potter. Tired of your lame excuses. We needed someone to kill the game. Why substituting our best player Felix leaving Mudryk out to field only your englishmen. What did they do tell me? Nothing. We conceded 2 sloppy goals and lost 2 points. Just Go Potter please go, tell the man upstairs you don’t fit into this job this team is too big for you. Go man just leave for our fans sake, our club sake, pleeeeeease i’m begging you.

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