(Video): The two things Chelsea can do to get the best out of Christian Pulisic

Chelsea never seem to see the best of Christian Pulisic, whereas he often shines for the US.

On ESPN, they debated how the Blues could change that and start seeing more of the best of their winger.

Hercules Gomez said it was very simple. There were just two things the club needed to do: keep him happy, and keep him healthy.

Well, we’ve tried our best at both over several years now, and apart from one brief burst, we’ve just not seen that happen.

Perhaps the secret is playing against Grenada?

You can see their comments in the clip embedded here:

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  1. “Tried our best”??? Surely you’re kidding, SuperFrank! What a steaming pile of BS you just shoveled on us, lol!

    Pulisic has yet to enjoy the confidence of a Chelsea manager who will play him even when his form has slipped a bit (a la Mason Mount under Lampard and Tuchel). Likewise, many supporters turned on him last season and have taken every opportunity to call for his sale (SuperFrank, you’re a poster child for this and to act like you haven’t is the height of hypocrisy!). So, don’t turn around now and act like you’ve “always backed the lad” because it’s utter rubbish. Even now you’re quick to demean Pulisic’s latest starring performance because it came against poor competition (Grenada), but where were you when he shined brighter than Mason Mount (one of your faves) in Qatar? The silence then was deafening.

    So print your revisionist history if you like, but we pay attention and we know which of the Chelsea News writer displays acumen, consistency and integrity and which one doesn’t.

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