Chelsea want “more than £70m” for midfielder which shows just why they shouldn’t the heart of their team

Chelsea are demanding an insane £70m plus for Mason Mount this summer.

That’s according to Sky Sports News, whose updated piece on the transfer claims the Blues’ asking price is well clear of the £55m they report Manchester United have put on the table. However, it’s not so far away that a compromise involving bonuses and so on could be found pretty quickly.

£70m is a huge sum for a player who will be available for free in a year’s time, and the fact that Chelsea have even asked for it shows how confident they are in a huge bidding frenzy for Mount. Tottenham, Arsenal and Liverpool have all been mentioned as well as United, and surely it’s just a matter of time before someone throws Manchester City’s name into the ring too.

Perhaps the fact that every other top team in the country wants him should make them pause and reconsider the contracts they’ve been offering him.

Either way, our owners will be salivated at the prospect of a big payout for a player they didn’t have to pay money for. They are delighted at the prospect of cashing in on the club’s crown jewels in order to pay for the underperforming mercenaries they overpaid for last summer. What an avoidable hole to be in.

This is set to be the most unpopular transfer the club has made in some time, and rightly so.

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