Chelsea winger called out for bad etiquette by massive gym bro

This is a weird and wonderful one – but with the season ending this week, get used to it.

When we signed Mykhailo Mudryk in January we didn’t realise the tiny slippery winger would be a gym nut but he really is. He’s constantly posting content of him working out.

When he popped his shirt off the other day, Thiago Silva was teasing him by grabbing his big biceps.

Now Mudryk is in trouble for filming an old man in the gym with a “builder’s bum.”

Internet gym celeb “Joey Swoll” reposted the video and called out Mudryk for his bad etiquette.

You can see the video embedded here:

It’s all a total manufactured controversy, and as always in these Tik Tok’s the emotion is totally exaggerated, but ultimately his point is a good one. It’s bad behaviour for a normal dude, if you’re a celeb with a decent following like Mudryk, it’s just dumb.

Let’s hope he learned his lesson.

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