Fabrizio Romano breaks Chelsea fans’ hearts with latest update on €65m player which kills hope

As they say, it’s the hope that kills you.

Since February we had really resigned ourselves to the fact that Mason Mount is going to leave Chelsea. We had raged at the board, we had grieved, but in the end we had accepted it. It was over.

But recent weeks since the decision to appoint Mauricio Pochettino have seen rumours swirling that the new manager is keen to keep Mount (why wouldn’t he be?) and was pushing the board to reopen talks and get a deal done.

That allowed us to believe a little, and undid all the hard work we had done suppressing our sadness.

But now we hear from Fabrizio Romano what feels like the death knell for Mount’s Chelsea career.

The Italian insider reports that Mount (valued at €65m by TransferMarkt) is unlikely to sign a new deal, despite recent developments:

“Speaking to some sources today, it is going to be very difficult to extend Mason Mount, really complicated,” he said on his AMP show.

Other well connected people with a view on this like Alex Goldberg are saying that there’s no deal currently on the table for Mount to sign. After talks broke down at the turn of the year, he’s not been offered anything new.

If that’s true, that’s very disappointing, and Pochettino will certainly feel his reign has got off to a bad start with a key player walking out of the door just as he walks in.


  1. Everything we hear from the club is that they want him to stay, so it seems the only thing missing is Mount wanting the same. Let’s see how long it takes for supporters like SuperFrank to blame the new owners when their latest Golden Boy leaves. I give it inside of 5 seconds.

    The truth is that Mason Mount, while a very good player and one I’d like to see stay as well, is, in the end, replaceable. He’s not a world class talent like Kante or Reece James and the world won’t stop turning on its axis if he demands the sun and the moon and we aren’t willing to provide them.

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