Former Chelsea boss moves in to position to challenge Blues for their top

Thomas Tuchel is not Chelsea manager anymore, and while the fans still love him and are disappointed to see him at Bayern Munich and not still in our dugout, eventually we will get used to the fact that he’s a rival now and not a friend.

According to Florian Plettenberg, the well connected German insider, Tuchel has his eyes on a player who Chelsea have been targeting. Dusan Vlahovic has had a nightmare time in Turin since signing for Juventus, and despite their claims they want to keep him, it seems very likely they would sell him if they can recoup what they paid 18 months ago.

If Bayern are now in the race, that makes Chelsea’s task a lot more difficult. Plettenberg claims that the German’s club’s decision makers aren’t convinced, but our charismatic former coach absolutely is.

Many Chelsea fans who think Vlahovic was overrated to begin with and were terrified at us potentially following up the Romelu Lukaku farrago with another big money striker signed from Serie A. So they will see this as another great gesture from Tuchel, sniping our targets to prevent this catastrophic ownership from blundering into another major financial hole.

In the end we will still need a striker this summer, so there’s only so much we can do by ruling people out. But many fans will be happy to hear that the signing of Vlahovic is now less likely than before.

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  1. Osimen es el hombre a traer, quizás los tacaños italianos paguen algo por Lukaku y eso financie al abilidoso y agil delantero del Napoli

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