Getting to the bottom of Reece James “setback” rumours

Today we have rumours that Reece James has had a “setback” in his recovery from injury, which cite the Evening Standard.

But the Evening Standard’s Chelsea man, Nizaar Kinsella, has yet to report on it.

The source seems to be the Standard’s match preview for Sunday’s game, which notes “reports” that James has had a setback.

We presume those reports are the same that came out the day before, from C345Sam. He’s by no means a broadsheet journalist, but the fact he predicts our teams correctly shows he has some kind of inside knowledge, and is likely trustworthy on this one too.

It’s all totally moot anyway because James was never going to feature this weekend. It was made clear weeks ago that he had been shut down for the season, and in Frank Lampard’s press conference on Wednesday he ruled the full back out once again, along with his teammates Mason Mount and Ben Chilwell.

UPDATE: Frank Lampard’s press conference recorded after the game last night confirmed that James has gone to for a scan. However his comments were pretty positive about it all, compared to what was feared:

“He came out [to train] yesterday but went back in, because he had a little bit of awareness [of the injury]. We hope the scan will show there’s no real damage.”

Fingers crossed. He now has months to recover and shake off these problems for good – otherwise we will be really worried.

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