Lampard explains why he’s used Enzo as a 6 – and where the midfielder could play next year

Frank Lampard’s press conference last night was the final pre-match preview of the season (there is none for Sunday’s game), so it got into some pretty interesting stuff.

Lampard has just two games left in charge of Chelsea, and he was asked some long term questions about what direction he saw things going after he was gone. One tactical question raised was about Enzo Fernandez, who some fans have complained is wasted at the base of a midfield.

The manager responded to that, and explained where he sees the Argentina man playing in the future:

“My personal view with Enzo is that he can probably play in all the midfield roles, but seeing him train and play, I get the feeling from him that he has more to offer than as a single No 6. He can play as a double No 6 or as a No 8 where he can join into the game more.

“I haven’t actually asked him that question (his best role). In my time here, it’s just been a fact that he is the most natural No 6 in a midfield that doesn’t have many natural No 6s.

“Fair play to him, he’s never once said to me, ‘That’s not for me’. His attitude is to do the best for the team, but going forward I think he can join into the game a lot more. We saw bits of it against Manchester City where he played in a double No 6 slightly higher up the pitch, and he’s got a really good eye to play forward.

“That’s something we as a club have not been doing enough in my opinion: playing forward and being more direct higher up the pitch, finding passes that really test the opposition. Enzo can play that pass, so playing higher up the pitch is good for him.”

We can see Lampard’s point. This squad is so unbalanced that you’d be mad to play an attacking midfielder when you’ve got too many wingers and attackers to begin with, and no other deep lying passer in the team (not one with the skills to distribute from the back that Enzo has).

So despite fans’ complaints, his hand has been forced by the circumstance somewhat.


  1. Pero como que no ha hablado con el? Que se lo impide? Es casi su obligación saber la posición natural de sus jugadores! Caramba…

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