Lampard makes stunning admission about poor training standards at Chelsea

Frank Lampard the training standards of his Chelsea players in a pretty revealing set of comments from after the Blues’ loss to Manchester United.

The game was much as we’ve seen all season – some bright flashes, some awful missed chances, some really careless defending. But it was what Lampard spoke about after the game was done that was really interesting.

In his time back at the club as caretaker so far he’s stopped short of criticising the players too heavily – perhaps knowing how quickly that would turn them against him.

But now he’s into his last week in the role he’s opened up a little more. Today he was open and honest about what he called “glaringly short” collective preparation for games.

His response today to questions about what was going on behind the scenes were a total admission that standards have slipped behind the scenes.

“It’s a question I think as a professional at the top level, will be asked of you in a period of bad form.

“The only way to answer that is to answer with your performance and it starts with how you work and how you train and how you prepare and if I’m honest collectively that’s been the thing that was quite glaringly short,” he said after the game.

“There are a lot of reasons for that, that’s not just a dig, that’s because there sometimes are variables. It’s been a tough season, people talk about the squad size, very valid things.

“At the same time, coming in this short period, you can see, when a group is training and it’s really together and pushing and pushing each other, then good things come and you as an individual improve within that.

“At the moment, that momentum is not there, it’s clear.”

Of course he’s used to training of the very highest standards from his days as a player, but clearly he also sees a drop since his last spell as manager, which was only a couple of years ago.

The upheaval of the last 12 months seems to have caused more damage than we could possibly have imagined.


  1. Upheaval cause damage? Well of course it does! But that’s not what supporters (including you, SuperFrank) were thinking about when they started beating the drum to have Potter sacked (months before it actually occurred). Everyone makes their case for why the manager has got to go, but nobody wants to acknowledge the inherent risk—that results might actually get worse (see Leeds Utd as another cautionary tale). It’s all too easy to find fault when you don’t bear responsibility for FIXING the problem, lol!

    I think the lesson here is “you reap what you sow.” Having defended Graham Potter for months in the face of withering supporter criticism, the owners finally gave in and sacked him. Unfortunately, as we can see in 20/20 hindsight, with no ready replacement lined up, a team that was merely struggling under Potter (but solidly middle of the table) entered a free fall in the ensuing months that, were the season not mercifully drawing to a close, might have landed us in a relegation battle!

    It all just goes to show that the loudest voices are rarely the most thoughtful. There is usually an inverse relationship between their certitude and their wisdom. Maybe it was clear by late March that Potter was not the man to lead Chelsea in the long term, but (with no successor waiting in the wings) that didn’t necessarily mean it was the best time to sack him. Alas, the pitchfork-wielding mob got its wish and we’ve endured a truly ignominious close to the season. We’ve fallen further down the table. A club legend has laid waste to any hope he had of returning to a permanent EPL job, and player morale has to be at a near all-time low. Well done, mob. Well done.

    1. You may be correct with the “mob” sentiment but the real problem is Boehly. No football knowledge, seemingly no advisors with any knowledge of football yet purchasing what can only be said to be a second 11 for a stunning £650 million. With the exception of Enzo not one of the new purchases that have played have merited their price tag. Then the recruitment of Lampard who is arguably the worst coach in Chelsea history was another massive mistake.
      Chelsea will have problems recruiting any top name players for next season and with other clubs knowing that Chelsea have to sell the prices paid for these flops will reduce by at lease a half.

    2. Clearly potter wasn’t the man for the long term, but how could Bohely conduct interviews with him still in situ? He had to go but tuchel left him a complete shit show so he is also culpable. If Todd Bohely is solely to blame, please explain how Emma hayes has the girls team one win away from a double.

  2. Good embroidery of the language here, but no effort at sensible solution.
    Please point accusing fingers at the most apt place or person, Todd Bhoely, for his brash, ill-thought decisions.
    For example, why not allow Pochettino resume duty expressly, to start the inculcation of his philosophy & team character immediately, instead of allowing things to fester under Lampard, who, (apparently now), has no business with coaching?
    Now as things are, signing serious, world-class players for this coming season, is going to be more than an uphill task, no doubt. Sigh !

  3. Greetings and blessings to The Chelsea Family. First and foremost to say I’m disappointed in the TEAM is an understatement what I would really like to say and how I would like to say it wouldn’t be appreciated and appropriate on this platform. It’s inconceivable to me how dysfunctional the team appears to be it’s as if everyone has a different agenda. The manner in which we started the season was all together wrong from the firing of Tuchel to the hiring of Potter. The blame has to start from the top and down to the players. It’s quite obvious to us that the owner has good intentions and is willing to open his pocket book to do so but at some point the management team should have stepped in and say hold on this is getting too bloated hence the problem started to arise for Potter who became overwhelmed and confused. Mind you he ultimately might be an outstanding coach but he was thrown in a situation was very complex. Initially it became obvious that he wasn’t the right man for the job. Players playing out of position different schemes every week a different 11. Up until yesterday against ManU I don’t think we have started the same team in consecutive weeks. There has to be some consistency some cohesion between players we’ve seen flashes but not to the level warranted for top flight football. Needless to say at what point should we and moreover the players were obligated within themselves and to the fans to take it upon themselves to do better. These are professional players who get paid big bucks to provide and produce quality football. I’m sure I speak for the fans when I say this is unacceptable never in all my 35 years of being a Chelsea fan have I ever seen felt disappointed dismayed disgusted many more adjectives in my TEAM. Ok ok calm down uuhh. The season is over with a new chapter will begin let’s see some changes in how things are done it’s been rough to watch but our undying support is still strong we expect to see more improvement and for us to be back in the top tier. Good luck to everyone GO BLUES FOR LIFE

  4. Why isn’t anybody talking about Lampard’s impact, or lack of it on the players?? A loss rate of 80% doesn’t make good reading for someone interested in coaching at elite level.
    It was always going to be a disaster hiring Lampard with his records in 5he EPL

  5. the players have no fitness – who’s fault is that wyatt- earp?
    they have no tactics and no organisation, who’s fault is that?

    Potter seems to have been great at sucking u to managemenjt and horrible at actually controlling and traiing the players — of the 3 mnagers we’ve had this year he ha dhtem the longest and he had the world cup to at least get some of the palyers fit but they should never have appointed him in the first place — the clear choice of someone who knows nothing about football.

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