Levi Colwill puts his foot in it just as he hits his highest moment

Levi Colwill has had a brilliant season and it was just yesterday that we were waxing lyrical about his future as a Chelsea player next season.

But he really put his foot in it last night when he ended up celebrating (perhaps accidentally) an embarrassing night for the Blues.

Asked on Twitter how his evening was going (with Chelsea in the middle of getting battered by Manchester United) he replied with a picture of him in a bar somewhere having the time of his life saying his evening was “brilliant.”

Of course Chelsea fans are taking it to mean that he’s loving it that his club are losing.

You can see the Tweet embedded here:

The fact that he’s with former Blue Gilmour of course adds to the sense that it’s pointed as does some of his comments from an interview earlier in the day where he seemed to cast some doubt over his future at Chelsea – but let’s be real, he probably meant nothing by it, he’s just out celebrating his day off after a brilliant season.

It was ill judged, but unless he was trying to deliberately annoy the fans of the club he’s grown up playing for and is about to become a star for, he didn’t mean it as it’s being taken.

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