Mason Mount was offered insulting short deal in February – the last one on the table

We’ve been convinced for some time that Chelsea have made a mess of Mason Mount’s contract negotiations, but it’s only now becoming clear just how much of a mess it is.

The Blues have been deadlocked for a while, and to counter some recent whispers that they may be willing to make a final offer, Nizaar Kinsella of the Evening Standard, revealed that their last offer was a “lucrative one year deal.”

We assume by this he means a one year extension, as Mount still has a year left on his current deal.

A one year deal would improve his transfer value, but also give the club another year to try and sort out a longer deal.

However a player like Mount is going to just see it as an insult, as lucrative as it may be. How can he watch new players who have proved nothing being handed colossal 7 year deals while he, a double player of the year winner, is being offered a year at a time.

If he wasn’t insulted before, he will be now. Can you really blame him? The club who raised him are now getting rid of him to cash in and pay for the monster contracts offered to others.

Some Chelsea fans are still defending the owners and claiming that they’re doing their best to get the fan favourite signed up long term. What these revelations are gradually making clear is that that is patently untrue.

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  1. Boehly needs to stop making mistakes and one that he can not make is letting Mount go to any one but stay at chelsea

  2. According to reports, the owners first offered Mount a long-term contract and he didn’t want it. Honestly, what are they to do with football’s version of Goldilocks? We’ve seen them have no problem making deals with plenty of other signings, so why do you suspect that it’s all the owners’ fault? Mount is clearly trying to extort the club and many supporters are so enamored with him (despite his horrific 2023 form), that they don’t care! “Let’s just back up the armored car and give him whatever he likes,” they say. That’s ludicrous! And these same supporters (SuperFrank, I’m looking at you) will later moan endlessly that owners have spent foolishly, lol. Talk about what wanting to have your cake and eat it too!

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