(Video): “Absolutely embarrassing” season came down to one hair pull

TalkSport had a caller this morning who called in to call Chelsea’s season “absolutely embarrassing.”

How could you disagree?

The whole thing has basically been an embarrassment from day one, there’s no doubting that. We can only look back at that crazy refereeing decision from the Tottenham game in August as an unintentional trigger for this whole thing.

In a sliding doors situation, letting Marc Cucurella’s hair get pulled by Cristian Romero allowed Tottenham to equalise, N’Golo Kante got injured, Chelsea were furious, Thomas Tuchel got sacked, and it was all downhill from there.

Things might not have been that different had the ref not messed up, but they certainly wouldn’t be this bad. Still, football is full of moments like that, and it’s all about how the team responds.

You can see the fan’s rant in the clip embedded here:

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