(Video): Lampard says “some individuals” need to realise they are not up to standards

Frank Lampard has been very diplomatic so far, but after last night’s game he’s finally started unleashing some home truths on his players.

Before going on to criticise training standards in the press conference, he said to the TV cameras that there were some players to “need to realise who they are” who have fallen below the collective standards required of Chelsea players.

What we’re seeing on the pitch is clearly a product of that, and it’s a stark warning from a player who knows exactly the hard work it takes to get to the very top.

You can see see him speaking in the revealing clip embedded here:

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  1. Lampard may have been a quality player but he has no idea of coaching or managing a club like Chelsea,yesterday team selection was poor,there was at least 3 players that should not have started but again he blames the players.I was brought up that you should blame the tools your provided.

    1. Absolutely agree. Isn’t letting players know when they aren’t living up to standards THE JOB OF THE MANAGER? He doesn’t have to call out anyone in the press, but if he’s not addressing it head on with the player(s) then he’s falling down on the job. And if he’s done so and the performances still aren’t there (for example, in training), then they ought not see the field on match day! Honestly, where is the accountability for Lampard in all this? Does he just get a free pass? We’ve actually gone further downhill on his watch and yet the focus is solely on the players. Makes no sense!

  2. For once I agree with Lampard. The players need to look in the proverbial mirror. Several are not up to the required standard for this team. It’s great picking up your pay packet but, did you deserve it? Unfortunately, we have too many entitled players.

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