Why Jules Kounde will not come to Chelsea despite breakdown at Barcelona

Chelsea fans are currently enjoying a bit of schadenfreude about Jules Kounde’s situation.

Reports are blossoming all over in places like the Evening Standard that he’s decided to leave Barcelona after just a year because of the way that Xavi Hernandez has used him at right back.

Kounde was chased by Chelsea all of last summer (and for a while before) and really strung us along before choosing Barcelona. That would be fair enough, but he also posted a gloating story on Instagram when we were struggling basically saying he was glad he had made the right call.

It turns out, maybe it wasn’t the right call however, and he’s unhappy enough to want a move elsewhere. Oh what sweet irony.

Now the whispers are that we might be back in for him as he wants to leave – but we simply can’t see it.

Any chance of a move ended pretty sharply the moment Kounde picked Barcelona. It’s not a matter of pride, just a matter of squad management. From everything we heard, Kounde was a Thomas Tuchel requested signing, as he was able to play the wide central defender in his 343.

Now Tuchel is gone, and we’ve spent money on a new right back and several new centre backs. We don’t have money to throw around this summer, certainly not on players who turned us down and then laughed at our misfortune.

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