Why Tottenham chose to not appoint Pochettino – and Chelsea didn’t care

Mauricio Pochettino has just been confirmed as Chelsea’s new manager, so it was time to hit “publish” on a raft of articles around the footballing world.

One of the more interesting ones comes in the Evening Standard from Dan Kilpatrick. He covered Tottenham for the paper throughout Pochettino’s time there are knows more about it than most.

He attempted to explain why Spurs didn’t go back for their former boss, despite having no manager of their own and despite Pochettino remaining an exceptionally popular figure there.

In the end it seems a lot comes down to Daniel Levy’s desire to not retread old ground, something that Chelsea don’t have to worry about in this case.

But Spurs are also in search of something they found in the old Pochettino, as Kilpatrick points out here:

“Levy is looking for a new coach in the mould of Pochettino in 2014 — young, hungry, up-and-coming — and sources close to the chairman say the 2023 version does not fit the profile. He is nearly a decade older now, more experienced but undeniably a different coach.”

Certainly his spell at PSG didn’t go to plan and seriously undermined his previous immaculate coaching credentials. Chelsea’s co-sporting directors are clearly hoping that some of that hunger has returned after an embarrassing time in Paris.


  1. PSG an impossible job given current board.
    It remains to be seen if Chelsie board follow psg model.
    Nothing wrong with Poch, would have been excellent second time round at spurs.

  2. The only reason Pochettino has not been contacted by Levy is because he Levy does not wish to acknowledge that it was a massive mistake in sacking Pochettino in the first place.
    The mistakes that caused the poor form of the team after the champions league final were Levy’s fault.
    He refused to refresh the squad although this was requested by the manager he then sacks him a few months later when results were not going well.. This is the toxic regime we have in charge of our great club.

  3. Let’s be honest here. Levy never went back in for Poch because of his own ego. The fans have hated him since he sacked Poch and have been calling for him back in stadiums of late.
    Levy never went back in for him because had he had hired & backed him, and Poch delivered what the fans want, Levy would have looked even more stupid for his decision to sack him.
    Once again, Levy putting his own thoughts first before the team and the fans

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