£40m fee for Kovacic seems accurate – even if it isn’t true

A Portuguese transfer insider is claiming that Chelsea have agreed a €40m fee with Manchester City for Mateo Kovacic.

We’ve heard rumours for weeks about a move being put together, and a few days ago we heard that personal terms had been agreed between City and player, leaving it all up to Chelsea to agree a price and finish the transfer.

Even if Pedro Almeida is being premature here, we do definitely get the sense that an agreement isn’t far off. As we saw last summer with Raheem Sterling, Man City don’t mess around when they identify a player they like, and all signs from the top sources are pointing to them liking Kovacic.

With just one year left on his contract, there’s only so much money Chelsea can ask for from them. That really compresses the whole scope of the negotiation down, and it feels like we could well see a resolution very soon, whether or not this update proves to be true.

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