6 teams chase unwanted Chelsea attacker – he has to pick one or risk ruining his career

Chelsea are going to sell a lot of players this summer, and some are considered so far out of the door that we’re barely even hearing rumours about them.

Christian Pulisic is a prime example. Plenty of people expected him to go last summer, but there were so many incomings and outgoings in different directions that he ended up staying put for a year – a wasted year spent mainly in disappointing cameos off the bench. He started just 8 league games, and his notable moments of the season would be quite easily compressed into a 6 to 10 second video.

Chelsea need him off their books, and even more urgently Pulisic needs a fresh start to get his career going after what has been a frankly disappointing spell in London almost from the word go.

sum up all the rumours about interested parties and narrow it down to a shortlist of 6 clubs who have been connected with potential interest in the Pennsylvanian: Juventus Newcastle, Manchester United, AC Milan, Napoli and Galatasaray.

There’s a nice spread of teams in there, and surely from that group we will be able to summon up one offer that both tempts the USA international and puts enough money on the table for Chelsea to agree. He’s probably still too young for Turkey – but who knows? Maybe he could go there and shine.

Pulisic can’t be too picky now. He’s had his shot at a top team and hasn’t made the grade. He will have to do back to go forwards now, and there’s no shame in that.

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  1. My guess is Juventus. They need a winger opposite of Chiesa and they’ve had reasonably good results with their other American acquisition—Weston McKennie—so I think they’d consider 20 million for Pulisic a decent buy, especially considering what it will buy them in terms of increasing their US fan base.

    Pulisic would be foolish to go to Turkey or ManU, and I don’t think Napoli have as much need of a winger (unless they plan to sell), so that leaves AC Milan and Newcastle as the next most likely landing spots. Problem is, he needs regular minutes and it’s not as obvious that he’d be seeing that at either of those clubs given their current personnel.

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