Chelsea will register their interest in Mbappe according to top English newspaper

The Times have just published their piece on last night’s explosive Kylian Mbappe news, and they mention Chelsea right in the headline.

The striker last night sent his club PSG a letter explaining that he would not be activating the one year extension clause in his contract. That means his current deal expires next season, meaning we’re back to the same “will he, won’t he” circus of last summer and the year before.

Real Madrid were long rated as his favoured destination, but the way he led them on and then stayed in Paris seems to have hurt their not inconsiderable pride.

If they’re being huffy, there are only so many destinations for Mbappe to choose from, and it seems Chelsea will do everything they can to put themselves on that list – although it’s almost impossible to see Mbappe playing at a team that’s not in the Champions League.

The question of finances is also clearly a major one. We’re still digging ourselves out of last summer’s mess. Committing a vast transfer fee and huge wages to Mbappe would put us deeper in that hole than ever before.

There is sure to be huge interest from other Premier League teams, many of them better set up both financially and sportingly to take him on. Could this be the moment we get to see the Mbappe at Newcastle rumours of 18 months ago come true?

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