Arsenal insist they have not made £65m bid despite sources claiming deal is close

Kai Havertz’ move to Arsenal is all over the headlines this morning, with the Gunners apparently bending to Chelsea’s demands and raising their offer to £65m.

James Olley’s piece on ESPN today claims that a “source close to Chelsea” said that an improved offer along those lines had not yet been received however. But we’re not worried about that – all signs are that this is happening, and at a price level that Chelsea will find very pleasing, given the circumstances.

In the end, the formal bid only usually comes after the price has been informally agreed anyway. We’re hearing from literally every major Chelsea and Arsenal source that talks have established £65m as the price now, and once the details are hammered out we would expect the “formal” offer on that basis to go in and be accepted right away.

Personal terms have already been agreed, and all expectations are that we will see Havertz in an Arsenal shirt by the end of next week.


  1. Probably a good deal for both sides. No doubt Arsenal are not going to play Havertz regularly at the #9 and he’ll have more opportunities to do what he does—create. Just as long as he doesn’t do it against us!

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