Can Chelsea afford to gamble this season?

With the new Premier League season looming on the horizon, the pressure is on for Chelsea Football Club to succeed and push beyond their recent downturn in form. With several big names leaving Stamford Bridge this summer during a tumultuous transfer window, expectations are high that this squad of players can rally together and deliver consistent performances. Yet, has money been invested wisely? Can they afford to take risks whilst competing at ‘the top table’ within English football? This article will look into why gambles must be taken to achieve success – both short-term and long-term – as Chelsea makes their way through what promises to be an eventful campaign.


New owners

New owners have been integral to the club’s fortunes over recent years, injecting funds into the first team and allowing the Blues to compete with some of Europe’s biggest clubs in the transfer market. New investment has not always been welcomed with open arms from some of Chelsea’s faithful, however, and they have voiced their concerns over the owner’s approach to spending. All eyes will now be on the new prospective owner. Can they resist forking out huge sums of money again on high-profile signings, or will they take a gamble and invest in the right player(s) to help turn things around?


The Manager

Manager Mauricio Pochettino will be under the microscope for much of the season, as he looks to bring a new identity and style of play to Chelsea. His ability to try and work with young players has been widely praised, and he will need to make sure his decisions are spot-on if the team is to truly have any chance of success this season. There is no doubt that Pochettino will have to make some tough calls, and his willingness to take risks could be the key to unlocking the potential of this talented squad.


Risk vs Reward

As with any business, there is always going to be a risk when investing to achieve future success. Chelsea has a lot of faith in their manager and his ability to make the right decisions, but if he is unable to find the right combination of players and tactical nous, then the gamble may not pay off. Taking risks can be a daunting prospect, but with the potential reward far outweighing the risk, it may be time for Chelsea to roll the dice. If you want to get a better idea of the quick decisions that need to be made in high stakes games then you could have a look at online casino games at somewhere like Spin Casino. That’s because they’re fun, there’s lots of variety, and they also come with promotions that can give you an edge over the house. It’s a truly great way to relax and unwind after a tough day of football and a different way to enjoy the game without risking anything.



The new season is a super exciting time for Chelsea, but it also comes with a great deal of pressure. The club’s ability to take risks and get it right could be the big difference between success and failure, so they must make the right decisions both on and off the field. It is highly unlikely that any one decision will be the magic formula for success, but by taking calculated risks, the Blues could be in with a real chance of achieving their goals. The new season is going to be here soon, and it’s time for Chelsea to decide if they are going to go all in and gamble.

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