Cesc Fabregas hesitates over Pochettino claims

Cesc Fabregas has just had a very interesting, very long interview in the Athletic, which had plenty of interest for Chelsea fans.

The former Blues midfielder was asked what he thought about Mauricio Pochettino and his new era at Chelsea. His response was interesting in how reserved it was. He’s very nice about him, but he’s certainly not giving him 100% backing.

Perhaps it’s the Tottenham connection, perhaps he’s just being cautious, perhaps he knows something we don’t – it just seemed like an extremely cautious way of dealing with a topic which he could have given full enthusiasm without worrying about any repercussions.

“I’ve never worked with him, I’ve obviously heard of him. I’ve met him a couple of times on holiday in Ibiza. I’ve played against him obviously when he was at Spurs and we’ve chatted after matches,” Fabregas said.

“I think he seems like a very reasonable man, very calm, that gives a lot of confidence to younger players and has a good structure and has a staff that he trusts so much. I hope he’s the right man to bring back Chelsea to the position where they belong.”

Either way, all of the things he points out are positives about Pochettino are also things which we think are vital for the club, so in fact maybe it’s more of a firm backing than it seems on the surface. Let’s hope Cesc is left singing his praises in 6 months time.

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