“Champions League football” – Chelsea hit snag with main transfer priority

Chelsea may have encountered a problem in their attempts to sign their priority signing this summer, according to a report this week.

Not qualifying for Champions League football this season has not only left Chelsea worse off financially, but it also means that they might not be able to attract some of the top players to the club this summer window. Of course, it won’t be like that for every player, some will not be overly concerned about UCL football for now and will be looking more to the long term project that the club are trying to develop. But others, such as Moises Caicedo, will be looking to go to a club with Champions League football.

Sources: The latest inside report on Chelsea’s attempts to sign Moises Caicedo!

That is at least according to journalist Chris Wheatley, who has put his latest out on 3 Added Minutes this week.

He says that Caicedo doesn’t have a fixed preference on which club he wants to join this summer. However, he does want to play Champions League football and is being targeted by both Arsenal and Chelsea.

If this is true and that is the be all and end all for the player, then Chelsea have a problem here with their priority target.

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  1. While the UCL matters, it’s never going to be a player’s top concern. Compensation, the manager/style of football, and the city itself are always going to be primary concerns for a player considering a move. The UCL only acts as a tiebreaker between Arsenal and Chelsea in a situation like Caicedo’s if the player deems Arteta v Pochettino more or less equally attractive to play for. Put another way, Pochettino is the one who has got to woo guys like Caicedo and Vlahovic. If he makes a compelling pitch they will come regardless of UCL or no UCL.

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