Chelsea lay down the lay to Lukaku – €40m the key figure

Saudi Arabian teams have been interested in signing Romelu Lukaku in recent weeks, and quite respectably he’s decided he wants to stay in Europe.

In fact, more than that, he wants one thing – to play for Inter Milan again. The problem is, they can’t afford him. They had him on loan last season and Chelsea were happy to make it happen just to rid themselves of one major problem for the season. But loaning him out year after year only guarantees this issue returning every summer.

Chelsea want a permanent solution, and according to today’s Gazzetta they’ve laid down the law to Lukaku, who is still trying to get his way. He can leave on a permanent deal for €40m. If that means going to AC Milan, Inter’s rivals and perhaps the only team out there currently thinking about paying that sum, so be it.

Lukaku had his way last season, but he’s going to have to get very creative if he wants to get it again this summer.


  1. if a player wants 2 leave, then d club shuld let him go. sumtimes dis isues can be a burden 2 d club. afta al is just anoda loan.

  2. Lukaku is acting like a spoiled brat. It’s one thing to express your interest in a move, but he’s done so publicly (and clumsily at that) on repeated occasions and has shown no grasp of the financial aspect of the game—as in, the club you want to go to has to have the funds to afford you. At this point he looks more like a petulant child who won’t eat his vegetables but insists on having his cake and eat it too. Under the circumstances it’s quite encouraging to see the club holding their ground as he holds his breath and stamps his feet.

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