Chelsea player will have to extend contract if he goes out on loan as is reported

Chelsea are selling a lot of players this summer, and in particular, this month.

We have seen a lot of confirmations of deals confirmed yesterday as Chelsea fly through the outgoings lists and get stuff done.

Sources: Chelsea set to push on to sign Moises Caicedo, confidence brewing! 

But one player who they might struggle to sell is winger Christian Pulisic, with an apparent lack of suitors.

This is according to Gianluca Di Marzio of Sky Italy, and Nathan Gissing who writes for his site, with some updates late last night.

As they report, AC Milan are interested in signing the American international, but the report says only on loan. This would mean that surely, he would have to extend his contract by at least another year if this happens, with his current deal running out in 2024.

But this apparently might be the only way to get him out the squad because they are struggling to find suitors to buy him on a permanent deal.

What a mess!



  1. Huh? Why is a contract extension essential to sending him out on loan? And why in the world would Pulisic agree to eschew an extension? This piece never explains the fundamentals!

    Unlike Lukaku (who doesn’t want to be in London), all Pulisic has ever wanted to do is play. He’d do it in London if Chelsea would only give him consistent minutes, but he’s clearly happy to go elsewhere if need be. The only problem here is that Chelsea owe him 200k/week and only a handful of clubs can afford him at that price. So, if there is no one willing/able to buy or take him on loan at those wages then Chelsea can either (a) keep him, pay him, and leave him parked on the bench, or (b) offer to subsidize his wages as part of a loan deal. He’s going to leave on a free next year anyway, so if Poch has no intention of playing him then why not do the loan and at least offset some of his wages? Given the way he’s been treated by both managers and supporters alike (neither of whom seem to have any respect for his game), it’s ridiculous to think that he’s going to do them the favor of signing an extension (which could mean an extra year during an important phase of his career spent in reserve-squad purgatory) just so the club can try and recoup some of his transfer fee. Fat chance of talking him into that, lol! I’d imagine he’d be much more inclined to “ride the pine” for an entire year on fat wages and try his luck in free agency, than run the risk that (should there still not be any takers at this time next year) he might not be free of Chelsea until 2025.

    1. Because if they don’t, i think his contract will expire while on loan/end of loan and he can go anywhere on free transfer.

  2. A este Pulisic ya se le paso su prime, no va a despuntar y a eso hay que sumarle que se la pasa lesionado… naa muchas gracias Pulisic a joder a otro lado

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