Chelsea should move fast for highly effective Premier League star if release clause rumour is true

Talksport are this afternoon reporting that West Ham are keen on signing Joao Palinha from West Ham as a replacement for the departing Declan Rice.

After arriving last summer from Sporting, the Portugal international made a real splash in the Premier League as newly promoted Fulham performed above all expectations. Chelsea are currently battling to try and secure targets like Moises Caicedo, who is going to cost £80m or similar, while premium players like Rice have already slipped through their grasp.

Palinha would make a great alternative.

The thing is he is a flawed and somewhat limited player compared to potential world class superstars like Rice or Caicedo – but he’s still miles better than anything else Chelsea have in that position now. If we can get him for a reasonable price (and presumably if West Ham can afford him, we can too) he makes a very sensible buy, as opposed to either overpaying for someone or holding out for a perfect option who may not be on the market at all.

He’s settled in London, has a year of Premier League experience under his belt (where he looked excellent) and wouldn’t even have to move house. Strategically speaking, if this clause is anything reasonable, it makes perfect sense for us.

We still don’t know the truth or the terms of the release clause – but if it exists, we would be very surprised to not hear about more action on this front.

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  1. Typical Chelsea. Already got too many players, but if another one comes on the market you’ve got to have him. Many clubs could probably afford Palinha, but why would he pick an outfit like Chelsea anyway? Disorganised, full of mercenaries and only interested in buying as many players as they can – just to stop other clubs buying them. Pathetic.

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