Chelsea sources forced to say PIF has “zero financial interest or any other interest” in the club

We have all seen this week that Saudi Arabia clubs are looking to buy a number of players from the Premier League this summer as they look to build the profile of their league and bring it to the horizon.

Some of the players they are looking to sign are from Chelsea, and some are from a handful of other clubs. The players they are looking to sign from Chelsea in particular, will be round about the market value, and I’ve not seen any fees that can be described as inflated. So what is the problem?

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Well, there has been some claims that Clearlake, who are part-owners of Chelsea, have a minority investment from PIF.

The Telegraph say that European rivals of Chelsea and Wolves are calling for fair market investigations into Saudi Arabia’s dramatic haul of big money signings. One top club says teams are using the Saudi Pro League as a “get out of FFP jail free card” while the state embarks on its £500m player spree.

Chelsea sources meanwhile, claim interest in their players is purely transactional and down to the club’s popularity in the Middle East. The club denies that PIF has any existing financial interest in the club, despite reports that Clearlake, which owns about 60 per cent of Chelsea, has prior minority investment from PIF.

What a load of absolute nonsense if you ask me. Clubs are buying players from other clubs for market value during a transfer window. SHOCK HORROR! Please….NEXT!

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