Chelsea star’s monster xG underperformance shows exactly where team’s issues have come from

A look back at Chelsea’s stats from last season reveal some interesting facts from the campaign just gone.

xG is always an interesting stat as it compares the quality of chances that a player had with the chances they actually may have scored.

Kai Havertz for example had a Premier League season xG of 11.6, meaning he should have scored 11 or 12 goals. Instead, he finished the season with 7.

That a vast under-performance of -4.6 between his expected goals and his actual goals.

No wonder we struggled to score this season with him as our main striker. A lot of them were glancing headers he just couldn’t keep down, but he missed all type of opportunities really. Even finding a player who can just break even, let alone exceed his xG, would be a huge upgrade this summer.

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  1. My head is spinning. Less than 24 hrs ago SuperFrank was writing about how the potential loss of our two top scoring opportunity creators (Havertz and Felix) was reason for concern. Now it sounds like he’s (rightfully) acknowledging that Havertz squandered more than third of the chances he should have converted and has no business playing the 9—a point I made using similar stats a couple of months ago, lol! So, given these stats, why would we wrong out hands (as SuperFrank did just yesterday) over losing Havertz???

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