Chelsea striker join his favourite club’s big rivals if they stump up Tonali money

Football Italia are reporting that Romelu Lukaku’s entourage is in contact with AC Milan about a potential and quite sensational move.

It’s speculated that the impending sale of Sanro Tonali to Newcastle will free up big money for the Italian side, who want to reinvest part of it buying Lukaku.

We signed Lukaku from Milan’s rivals Inter, and he also spent the year there on loan. His priority now is clearly to organise a return there – but does he love the club or just the city?

Lukaku has made one thing very clear in the last couple of years – he loves Inter Milan. He loves them so much that he couldn’t really face playing for Chelsea, and blew that move up when he did an interview saying he wanted to go back. He loves them so much that he’s just turned down insane money in Saudi Arabia to keep his options open for a return.

Is he really now going to throw all that away and join their city rivals? It seems mad, but Lukaku can be like that sometimes…

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