Chelsea will have to sit out chase for brilliant £34.4m midfielder after spending heavily in recent windows

Celta Vigo midfielder Gabri Veiga ended a brilliant breakout season with a double against Barcelona on Sunday.

If there wasn’t major demand for his services already, there certainly is now. The Sun report that Chelsea are hot on his tail, pursuing a summer move. But to us, that makes no sense, and almost certainly will never happen.

The Guardian are among those sites reporting on a £34.4m release clause in his contract.

That’s cheap for a player of his quality, but Chelsea are at the stage where they can’t just continue hoovering up young talents.

They spent more than £40m last summer on Cesare Casadei and Carney Chukwuemeka, then another chunk on Andrey Santos in January. That is a real spread of brilliant young central midfielders, and they already have Enzo Fernandez and likely Moises Caicedo or another first team option on the way in.

They have made their bets on young midfield talent, and as much as they may like Veiga, they’re going to have to sit this one out. Even if it will be painful watching him go to a rival, there’s no point feeling like you’ve missed out when you’ve yet to give a real chance to all the talents signed less than a year ago. If someone like Santos steps in and looks like a star, we will forget all about it.

You can’t own them all, Todd, as much as you’d like to.

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  1. Sorry, but is this headline based on anything other than SuperFrank’s opinion? Or did he lay his hands on Chelsea’s books, find the line item labeled “midfield transfers” contained a zero, and then forget to cite this in the story? What a load of rubbish masquerading (yet again) as “news.”

    I like it much better when he labels this sort of tripe “opinion” so I can just skip it instead of wasting two minutes of my life I’ll never get back.

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