Chelsea won’t get their top midfield target for less than £80m – report

Chelsea are going to bid for Moises Caicedo again this week according to an article int the Daily Mail this morning which claims that the Blues have already had a £60m effort rejected, and that Caicedo’s club Brighton are insisting they want more than £80m for him.

They might not get more, but they certainly won’t get less. They’ve proved to be tough negotiators, and Chelsea were on the wrong end of that last summer. They’ve got Caicedo right where they want to, and unless the player does something unlikely to push for a move, like missing training, Chelsea will just have to pay what it asked. It’s hard to see

Otherwise, Brighton are in a superbly strong position. They’ve got the player on a long deal, they’re doing well and he seems happy. Even if he agitates a little, they can tell him to suck it up, and once the window has closed he probably will. Just like in January, he’s not going to risk his future for the sake of 6 months or a year delaying his big move.

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