Chelsea’s 2 most commonly used players aren’t good enough – that sums up our problems – opinion

Chelsea’s list of top appearance makers this season by minutes (via FBREF) makes for interesting reading.

Top of the list is Kai Havertz, who has played 2,569 Premier League minutes, which translates to 28.5 90 minute games.

Second is Kepa Arrizabalaga, who has played 2,565 Premier League minutes, which translated to 28.5 90 minute games.

Without wanting to be cruel, that’s our problems summed up right there. Our two top appearance makers by minute are two players who most fans think just aren’t up to it, on the evidence of plenty of appearances this season and in the last few seasons.

We wish them both well, but they are top of the list to be replaced or at the very least improved upon this summer. We need to score more goals and concede fewer. A new goalkeeper and a new striker will be the quickest way to improve that.

At least we can assure whoever comes in to replace them that they’re in line for plenty of game time next season…

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