Chelsea’s impressive “25%” academy aims show there’s still a strong vision for Cobham

There have been major questions asked about Chelsea’s planning and strategy when it comes to the academy in the last 12 months.

Since the new owners took over, a host of teenage talents from all over the world have been signed, blocking the pathway for our Cobham kids.

Plus there’s been sales of all sorts of academy produced players, with more to come by the sounds of things.

But Simon Johnson’s excellent piece with Liam Twomey in the Athletic today reveals that there is still a huge focus on making the academy a key part of our future.

There are 5 aims set up by Jim Fraser and Neil Bath, which include the idea that by 2030 they want 25% of the first team squad to be made up of academy players.

It’s something we would love to see – and it felt like we were on the right path before we started selling off so many of our Cobham gems in recent seasons.

Let’s hope things start moving in the right direction after this summer of sales.

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