Chelsea’s sporting directors blame World Cup for Mount catastrophe

To the outside world, Chelsea’s sporting directors look to have made a real mess of this Mason Mount situation.

The midfielder is set to leave Chelsea for Manchester United after his contact entered it’s final year.

But how did it come to this? The Daily Mail today produced a really interesting in depth piece covering the situation. It’s hard to understand how a home grown star, who loves the club, has ended up leaving.

The piece raises various issues – essentially Mount had to go because he was too close to the end of his contract. How did it come to that? Well it’s partly blamed on the takeover 18 months ago, which saw all contract talks frozen just as Mount was about to sign a new deal.

The World Cup is also blamed – that came at the wrong time for Chelsea, who saw the period before Christmas as their last chance to organise something with the midfielder before the vultures started circling.

Since then, Mount has not been interested in signing for a club who he felt didn’t value him, and the club’s main concern has been maxing out the fee that they want for him.

It’s a sorry story, and one that could have so easily been avoided. There’s certainly a bit of bad luck and bad timing in there, but we can’t help but feel that these excuses don’t hide the fact that it could all have been resolved much more positively.


  1. Once again, what is there to be said about a player who takes contract negotiations personally? GROW UP!! Be a professional for goodness sake. Instead he let it affect his play and then the cherry on top of this pile of excrement he created was when he vowed publicly never to re-sign with us, undercutting our ability to maximize his sale. So much for any professionalism, let alone loyalty to the badge he claimed to love. Goodbye and good riddance Mason!

  2. Ya dejen de escudarse a este niño rata, traicionero ojalá borren todo registro de éste mal agradecido, nunca mostró compromiso decía estar lesionado mientras salía haciendo el ridículo con sus tiktok tremendo payaso inmaduro. Ya dejen de mencionarlo

  3. Mount wanted stupid money at a time when his form had deserted him for two years – that is why he lost his England place

    We are well rid of him

  4. Still think the sporting directors are inept and out of their depth at a club of this stature. Boehly’s yes men.
    They have to carry responsibility for the catastrophe that was last season. The decisions on everything were I’ll informed and diabolical. Appointing Lampard as an interim manager has to be the biggest cop out of all. They will continue to be the obstruction to advancement and the reason Poch doesn’t achieve full potential. It will end in tears.

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