Chelsea’s technical director has a new task as he looks to strengthen junior Blues team

Nizaar Kinsella’s interesting piece in the Evening Standard today goes into some detail about how Chelsea’s recently completed purchase of Strasbourg in Ligue 1 will work.

We were particularly interested to read about what the French team would be getting out of it, beyond just straight money.

Kinsella claims that Chelsea’s technical director Christopher Vivell, who has come to us from the Red Bull group and was specifically chosen for his ability to integrate multiple club models, will “slowly begin to exert some influence” over our new sister side and will offer help in scouting and data to a club which already does a great job scouting young talent.

It’s all very exciting for them and for us. Soon all our top loanees will be concentrated in one place for us to watch.

Also mentioned in the piece are two other Portuguese clubs currently being looked at to join the group – Moreirense and Rio Ave.

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