Chelsea’s two worst xG games were the turning point for Graham Potter

Last week we took a loot at Chelsea’s highest xG game of the season – but what about the lowest?

It was actually two games tied for 0.3xG, both coming a week apart in November. Graham Potter’s promising start had begun to unravel with a heavy loss to Brighton – but it was in these two game against Arsenal and Newcastle that we really suffered. In one Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang started up front and had what was really his final chance in the first team. In the other Armando Broja started and was not very effective either.

Sandwiching an EFL Cup loss to Man City, Both were 1-0 defeats that could have been much, much worse, and it was really just the toothlessness of the performances that was most worrying. 60% of a goal, over two games… it was very worrying, and it proved to be an accurate prediction of where things went from there.

At that point the World Cup break came around, and we were all able to convince ourselves that Potter was going to be able to do some serious work on the training ground to set things right.

We returned with a win over Bournemouth – but that was as good as it got. We followed that a run of one win in eleven games, and from that point on it never felt like the coach was going to turn things around really.

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