Crazy buy option talk for Chelsea talent shot down by top insider

A rather shocking rumour started doing the rounds on Sunday night to do with Carney Chukwuemeka.

Gianluca Di Marzio stated on his website that AC Milan were interested in taking the midfielder on loan from Chelsea – that’s not the surprising bit though. After a wasted year at Chelsea he needs a loan, and if he was feeling brave, Milan could be a great spot to blossom.

The surprising part was that there was apparently going to be a buy option included in the deal. This made no sense to us – we only bought him a year ago and have barely given him a chance, why would we want to give anyone the chance to buy him now?

And indeed today Fabrizio Romano has come out to crush the rumours of a buy option – he even says that a loan isn’t “guaranteed yet” as new manager Mauricio Pochettino will want to check out his whole squad and what he has at his disposal before making any major decisions like that.

That sounds a lot more realistic. Given the slew of midfielder sales we’re making this summer, Carney could well find he’s in line for a lot more minutes this season, and he might end up thinking a loan is a bad move after all.

Whatever happens, there are no plans to sell him, or even give other clubs the chance to buy him. That is concrete.

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