Deal for premier Chelsea talent not dead yet – but prepare for a long battle over price

Kai Havertz’s potential transfer to Real Madrid has swung back and forth a few times in recent days.

Last weekend it was on, earlier this week we heard it was off – now we’re getting reports from a really good source that it’s still on – but is a long way from being done.

That’s heartening at least – we weren’t expecting anything other than a summer long saga, but as long as we keep them on the line, that’s what matters.

Florian Plettenberg is a German focused insider so his sources are much more likely to be on the player’s end than the club’s, and he says that there “is contact” between Madrid and the Havertz’s camp.

He stresses there are “still no agreements” and that it “will take time.”

The Spanish media were rather hysterically reporting the whole thing was off because of Chelsea’s asking price, but we always felt it was unlikely to be over so soon. The Blues know they want to get rid and Real Madrid are keen to buy him, so even if their valuations are miles apart, there’s plenty of incentive to bring them closer together.

So grab your hot water bottle and your tent and prepare for a long slog. If Los Blancos struggle with other targets that will only play into our hands, and perhaps that’s why the negotiators on our end are starting off this window playing hard ball.

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