Former Chelsea favourite explains why Enzo Fernandez will get so much better this season

Enzo Fernandez ended up playing so much after arriving mid-season that it was easy to forget that he was a January deadline day signing.

He played almost every minute after that, and while he wasn’t always as good as we had hoped, he had great moments and showed flashes of exactly why we made him the Premier League’s record signing.

There were plenty of things counting against him in that 6 month spell too, and now he’s had 6 months and a summer to adjust, we’re expecting big things next year.

Former Chelsea man Paolo Ferreira had a really interesting interview in A Bola where he talked about Enzo’s adjustment and what we can expect next season:

“Enzo Fernandez was already an international with Argentina, had no holiday, soon joined Benfica, then played the whole World Cup, and suddenly he was at Chelsea. It’s hard to deal with all of this.

“In England, referees don’t whistle so much, there are not many moments to rest, it’s always high intensity. But even so, Enzo Fernandez fit well into the Chelsea team when Jorginho left.

“Enzo Fernandez is World Champion, he is an excellent player and now there will be an Argentine coach [in Maurício Pochettino at Chelsea] — this can be good for him”

He’s right, it was an especially hectic year for Enzo who must have felt very unsettled. He has a new manager this summer, but apart from that everything over the next few months should line up nicely for him to look his very best this season.

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