Goalkeeper could cost as little as £43m or as much as €70m according to swirling rumours

Chelsea are locked to on Andre Onana as their top goalkeeper target, certainly if you believe the rumours.

The Blues are pushing hard and are engaging with talks with Inter right now if the chatter is to be believed. One thing we haven’t fully established yet is how much the Italians will charge for their number one.

Some Italian sources cited by Sempre Inter have the asking price at around €70m (£60m), but Football Insider has it mentioned as low as £43m (€50m).

Of course it’s all speculation, and the cash sum may not end up being that relevant anyway, given both sides seem quite open to including players in the deal. Chelsea have a lot they want to get off their books, and Inter can smell a bargain here as they deal with a Blues team in a bad negotiating position.

So we will see where things end up, but we would be very surprised if the cash involved reached as high as £60m – but that will only be because Chelsea are likely to include £20m or more worth of players in the deal.

There is an interesting note in the Sempre Inter piece that Chelsea co owner Behdad Eghbali was at the Champions League final and was impressed by Onana’s performance. That might not only improve the price they get, but could also speed the deal along if he made contact with Inter officials while there.

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