“He would be a very good signing” – Fofana on top talent who he knows is coming to Chelsea

Wesley Fofana’s early career with France has been heavily disrupted by injury, but he’s back in the picture now at last, and is currently with the group ahead of their June fixtures.

There he has been asked about a potential new teammate at Chelsea – Christopher Nkunku – who is also with the squad, fresh from his top scoring season with RB Leipzig.

It’s almost a year since Chelsea were basically confirmed to have agreed a transfer for Nkunku for this summer, so while most people are already speaking about him effectively as a Chelsea player, others, like Fofana, have to be coy about the whole thing:

“I hope he comes and plays for us. He would be a very good signing,” Fofana said in an interview quoted on Get France Football News, presumably with a cheeky glint in his eye.

Nkunku has a huge hole to fill at Chelsea, in a team which has lacked goalscorers for years. It won’t be an easy task, but it is also a huge opportunity for him to instantly become a Premier League star if he hits the ground running.

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