How Chelsea can get Real Madrid to bail them out of nightmare £80m hole

Chelsea have a striker problem.

They’ve got a few forwards, but none of them have succeeding in scoring goals – which is what they’re supposed to do.

Not only that but one of them doesn’t want to be at the club (Romelu Lukaku) and another one (Kai Havertz) is increasingly unpopular with the fans and also increasingly looks like he might want out too.

But how on earth do you shift a player who you paid £80m for, who hasn’t performed well and is on big wages?

Well, Real Madrid might be about to save the day. Whether or not Karim Benzema leaves – which is something which is very up in the air at the moment) they need depth up top, and Havertz is the kid of slick operator who would look brilliant in a white shirt.

If we can just show them enough videos of the Leverkusen Havertz, plus maybe a few videos of that Newcastle goal from a year ago, maybe they will think they’ll at least be able to replace some of Benzema’s link up play, if not his prolific goalscoring.

We’re certainly not going to get any smaller teams pay big money for him – so maybe we should shoot for the moon and offer him to the very best? As we see when he plays with Germany, he’s the kind of player who might work better in a thriving team on the front foot anyway – at least that should be our line when we’re trying to flog him.

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  1. It is amazing how much flak Boehly takes. but who was it paid through the nose for Havertz, Lukaku, Werner, Ziyach, Pulisic, Kepa and the rest of the dead wood?

    Add to that the criminal failure to resign Rudiger and Christiansen.

    Thank you Marina!!!

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