“I will never compromise the way I play” – Winger ready to learn but not to change

Noni Madueke has just given a really interesting interview with the Evening Standard where he talks about his tricky first spell at Chelsea and what he hopes will change under new man Mauricio Pochettino.

“A lot of changes are out of the players’ hands, but you roll with the punches, I guess when the club wants to do something a bit special, there’s bound to be changes. We’re trying to create a squad that can compete for the next 10 years.

“I definitely performed well, showed my ability, but next season you’ll see the real me. Next season, I want to contribute massively to Chelsea winning. That’s it. We’re all buzzing to come back in pre-season with the new manager, forget last year and bring Chelsea back to where they’re meant to be; fighting for titles.

“If [Pochettino] can make me better, I’ll be a very good player,” he says. “That’s exciting. I will never compromise the way I play — my game is already risky as it is. It’s about becoming as effective as I am skilful.

“Young players need a manager that can develop them further. You see Jude [Bellingham] made a move to Real Madrid at 19 years of age. It’s about how good you are. If you’re the best in your position, you play.

“If you ask Raheem [Sterling] or Mykhailo [Mudryk], they’ll tell you the same thing. Top teams have that [competition]. Right and left you have three options. You want to perform because you have to.”

Madueke seems excited – but he’s also refusing to compromise on his style, a risk taking dribbler who squares players up and doesn’t take the easy option too often. It’s a method that will lead to 99% frustration and 1% success, but that success can be a game changing moment that leads directly to a goal.

We have to say, we’ve been really impressed by Noni’s interviews ever since he arrived. We’re less impressed by his impact on the pitch so far, but he’s only just arrived really and we can’t take much from the chaos of last season post his arrival in January.

The real test is this season to come, where we will finally hopefully see him at his best in a really strong team with a new manager getting the best out of him.

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