(Image): Thiago Silva makes feelings clear on Mason Mount’s likely Chelsea departure

News broke last night that Chelsea midfielder Mason Mount has agreed terms to join Manchester United this summer, with the transfer window opening very soon now this month.

Mount has been in a contract standoff with Chelsea for some time now and it is looking increasingly likely that he will now leave the club this coming transfer window after not being able to reach an agreement to extend at Stamford Bridge, the club he has been at since the age of 6.

Sources: Latest on Chelsea’s search for a new striker!

But now he looks set to go, and Thiago Silva, as seen below, is unhappy about it….


  1. If Mason Mount really wants to stay then a deal will get done because ownership have stated their interest in keeping him. Unfortunately, it appears the supporters want him to stay more badly than the player himself!

    Reports are that ownership wants to structure all player contracts going forward largely around incentives (as opposed to guaranteed wages). The purpose is to ensure revenues and player salaries remain in general alignment over the long haul—if the team performs well, revenues go up, and players get paid handsomely for the results they produce. It’s just a guess, but reading the “tea leaves,” I’d surmise that Mount is demanding guaranteed wages and ownership see this as a “test case” in which, given their vision for maintaining fiscal stability, they can’t afford to bow (in their very first year) to one young player’s demands or they’ll never be able to hold the line with the next young star (and the next one and the one after that). So, frustrated supporters who just want to see their golden boy stay need to step back and see the bigger picture. The player has every right to look out for his future (and who wouldn’t want guaranteed wages?!), but the owners face a similar imperative with respect to the club. Nobody will scream louder than supporters if, by giving Mount the sun and the moon, the owners set an unsustainable precedent that compromises the ability to sign future stars.

    1. Chelsea should have had this plan in place before they wasted good money when buying Stirling , Stirling is on a fortune and he isn’t worth it , he is a mercenary, he wasn’t good enough for City so why would he do a job for chelsea. Mount is chelsea through and through, he loves the club he is one of the lowest earners he cares , Stirling couldn’t give a dam . We will miss out big time if Mount leaves. Boehly is turning our club on its head .

    2. I agree with you on this , he has painted himself into a corner iirc he was offered a match to Reece James wage and turned it down , I think the potter days disillusioned him to a point where he said f#%& it I’m out

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