Impressive negotiations leave Chelsea close to break even on crucial deal

Simon Johnson’s piece in the Athletic today is all about the good job the ownership have done selling players in the last 6 months, and the focus of it is Kai Havertz, who illustrates the good business perfectly.

Johnson points out that Chelsea paid Bayer Leverkusen an initial £62m for Havertz, with the possibility of a further €28m in add ons.

We don’t know what those add ons were – but if they were for number of goals scored or Premier League wins, we might have paid very few of them. It’s even possible that the £62m with £3m add ons we get from Arsenal will match what we’ve ended up paying for the German. Walking away from a disappointing signing after 3 years and breaking even (or close to it) is very good business.

The sale of Havertz for such a strong fee, so early in the window, really opens things up for Chelsea this summer, giving them a lot more clarity in terms of squad building plus the ready cash to do something about it.

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