Insane €100m per year deal has “no issues” and Chelsea hopeless to stop it

Everything looked ready for N’Golo Kante to sign up for another year at Chelsea, but the arrival of Saudi Arabian clubs on the scene changed everything.

They have offered him a quite ridiculous contract, and given his deal with Chelsea expires at the end of this month, there’s really nothing they can do to stop him going. There were whispers over the weekend that medical issues were holding up the deal and potentially putting it in jeopardy, but en Jacobs has weighed in today with an update that quashes those fears.

He notes that Kante has shaken hands with the Al Ittihad president and agreed a deal verbally “near instantly,” and that the initial medical has already been done.

The delay is coming because both parties want to think long and hard about such a deal – Kante can apparently earn €100m a year when all bonuses are included, so one can understand why the club want to be sure before they click the confirm button.

Chelsea can only stand and watch. Whatever money they had earmarked for Kante’s planned extension is now freed up of course, but we will likely have to add a second central midfielder to our summer shopping list now.

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