“It was tough” – Why world class star hated seeing Chelsea win the trophy

The final of the Champions League is all that anyone is talking about in the world of football now, with just that and tonight’s Conference League final left on the agenda.

Kyle Walker has just had a really interesting interview with the Telegraph where he talked about how much he and his teammates wanted to win it – and how much losing to Chelsea two years ago had hurt them.

For all of the joy Chelsea fans had, there was equal pain for City fans, who watched their dominant team knocked out in unlikely circumstances once again.

“I didn’t really have much time to get over it as I had to tune back into England and go and compete in a tournament for my country. It was hard seeing all the Chelsea boys there. You say congratulations to them because they are your team-mates now but it was tough.”

We are of course hoping that Inter Milan do the (almost) impossible and deny City the trophy on Saturday night.

But if they don’t manage it, there can be no denying that as a team – and in particular world class players like Walker who have done everything they can to make it – they really deserve it.

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