Lack of Bayern Munich and Real Madrid in race for Chelsea attacker is bad news for Blues

We’ve heard a lot about Arsenal and their interest in Kai Havertz recently, but we’ve been waiting for an update from Florian Plettenberg. The SportBild writer is well connected with German football, so in this case the confluence of Bayern Munich and Havertz means he’s well positioned to inform on new angles.

His Tweet today confirms that Arsenal are “really considering” a move for Havertz, and adds further detail.

He says that the price is “around £60m,” and that a move to the Gunners is now more likely than the Real Madrid move that was on the cards a couple of weeks ago.

Importantly, he also notes that Bayern are not planning to try and sign him. That’s important as it means Arsenal are the only team seriously interested, reducing Chelsea’s bargaining power.

There is a lot of summer left, but at the moment it looks like it will be tricky to get close to the amount we want for Havertz given the lack of interest overall. Hopefully another team gets involved in the chase later on, prompting Arsenal to really jack their price up and give us something closer to the £75m or so we’re apparently aiming for. That then gives us the funds we need to replace him with the top number 9 we’ve needed for so long.

We certainly wouldn’t rule out a late move from somewhere, with Premier League teams likely to push all summer…

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