Manchester United and Chelsea dig their heels in – Mount move could break down

The Times have just updated their Mason Mount story with fresh news from the bidding side.

Manchester United are still unwilling to improve on their third offer – £55m for the England midfielder with one year left on his deal. That has so far not been enough for Chelsea, and we can’t see them changing their stance now. They are selling off other squad members for decent money, and their need to raise funds is far less pressing that it was.

We’re into an interesting situation here where both Chelsea and United are quite blatantly briefing the media with their sides of the story, almost allowing themselves to be quoted directly over the standoff.

United are making it very clear that they won’t go above this £55m fee, Chelsea are making it clear they want something like £70m. This could go on and on all summer – and it looks like we will get incremental updates all the way from both sides of the deal.

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  1. The player himself helped create this mess with his people saying publicly he’d never re-sign with Chelsea. Perhaps, if he wants away so bad, he’d like to pony up the 10m required to get the deal done, lol?!

    Personally, I’d be willing to see Chelsea eat the 55m Utd have offered just so we can make Mount run out the last year of his contract from the reserves (Lukaku too, for that matter!). He made a show of applauding supporters in his final match, but then has the gall to spit on the club that raised him by undermining our negotiating position as we try to give him what he wants—a move away! This is a guy whose ego is way out of control and who hasn’t figured out that being a professional means treating the club to whom you’re contracted with some respect in public, even if you’re feeling disrespected behind closed doors.

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