Manchester United leave their Mason Mount offer on the table but have “frustrations” over Chelsea stance

The Telegraph are reporting that Manchester United have left their third and theoretically final offer for Mason Mount “on the table” but also that the club are experiencing a “great deal of understandable frustration” about the negotiations.

This is said to be exacerbated by the fact that Mateo Kovacic is about to move to Man City for around £30m, while we want £70m for Mount.

As many have pointed out in response to this story, it doesn’t really add up. Chelsea wanted £70m for Mount, United made three offers below that asking price. If anyone should be frustrated, it’s Chelsea, as they have their time wasted by Red Devils.

The point about Mateo Kovacic is nonsense too. The Croatian is older, scores fewer goals, and very possibly is just less valued by Chelsea. It’s not really down to United to decide how much Chelsea charge for their players – we’re not doing City a favour, we just think Mount is worth a lot more than him.


  1. Couldn’t agree more. This reported “frustration” sounds more like a bargaining tactic, as the asking price has been clear all along. Perhaps they thought by having Mount go public with his declaration never to re-sign with Chelsea that they’d break our resolve. I guess they have another think coming, lol!

  2. In the end is all Chelsea’s to lose, if mount refuse to sign a new contract and refuses to move to any other club other than Manchester united, they will get him for nothing in a year time. The third bid is more than enough for a player who only have one year left in his contract.

  3. Mount is worth every penny. He can get better and score more goals if he gets his confidence back. He will get back in the England team and his valuation will go up.

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