No exit – attacker could be stuck at Stamford Bridge for another mediocre season

Real Madrid’s reported interest in Kai Havertz mushroomed from a whisper into something much more serious – we were hearing from all sides in Spain how much senior football figures there liked the German attacker.

But then as quickly as they appeared, last night they faded away with a new wave of reports that Harry Kane remained their top option and was being strongly pursued, with some success.

It puts Chelsea in quite some bind. Without Madrid interested, it’s hard to see who else would take Havertz off our hands this summer. Bayern Munich feel like a possibility, but there’s hasn’t been a huge amount of convincing links there either.

Madrid were providing Chelsea will the perfect exit strategy for their poor investment in Havertz, and if they’re out of the running with nobody to replace them, we’re got to think very seriously about another season with him on the books.

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